Friday, December 29, 2006

i'm back....

well i made it home   beat the next snow storm that came in last nite   it's currently snowing here on the mountain anyways   it's beautiful   my kids are sleeping right beside me    they haven't left my side since i got home yesterday    ....anyways, the above pics are all of family except the very first one   that pic is my childhood friend and her parents   we hung out ALL the time and i spent a lot of time over at her house   it was great to see them, but i didn't realize until i was there it's been 30yrs or so since i had seen them ..goodness     so now let me see if i can sort out the rest of the pics   2. is Jason, a son of my niece Jorjeanna  3.  Rory, 2months old, Jorje's new addition   4. Madison, 3yrs old   Becca's lil' girl, Jorjeanna's sister  5.  Arlene, my older sister and Jorje's and Becca's mom  6. Jorjeanna  7. Mark, Jorje's husband   8. Ava Louise, 6weeks old, my niece Kris' new daughter  9. Aunt Betty, my mom's sis  10. My mom  11.  Me with mom & aunt betty  12.  My sis Clarine  13. my cousin JoAnn, Aunt Betty's daughter 14.  My dad, stepmother JoAnn and all the great grandkids  15.  all the grandkids with their kids with dad and JoAnn   16.  the whole damn family,  me included in there somewhere  17. Jacob, Jorjeanna's other son  18. Maechala, 4yrs old, Felicia's kid, Felicia is Kris' sis  19. Felician, Maechala, & Ava Louise  20.  Matthew, my nephew, Arlene's youngest  21. Clarine,& 2 of her grandkids Kameron & Ava Louise  22. Aunt Betty with her gag gift, a thong-she even put it on for us  23. Me with Ava Louise  24.  Maechala again  25. Felicia  26. JoAnn  27. Kameron  28. Kris with her fiance, Brenon...30. Becca, my niece  31.  the kids at a movie in the living room  32. Ava Louise  33.  Kameron as Santa Claus  35.  Aunt Pauline, another sis of my mom's  36.  Mike, Aunt Pauline's son  37 & 38.   Jaydin at karate

the trip went well    i got to visit my old hometown, Mooresville, Indiana   i also got to see my birthplace in Ft Thomas, KY    i also saw other places i lived as akid in Kentucky   it was a very busy, noisy, trip with all the commotion at Christmas, but it was good to visit after 15yrs or more   but you know, there's no place like home here in New Mexico    it's great to be back....cya soon


stupidsheetguy said...

thanks so much for sharing the trip pictures! I'm so glad you made it there and back ok, I was wondering about that with all the storms!

Welcome back!


jmorancoyle said...

    Welcome home. Glad to hear you had a good trip. It's amazing how much family might come to mean after a time.

fitzzer said...

Welcome home - I'm so happy you had a wonderful holiday with your family. Great pictures as always! Hope you have a Happy Happy New Year! Hugs, ~ L