Friday, December 8, 2006

Boise State University

Boise State U ...i was reading the sports page this morn on aol   reading about BSU and their bowl game coming up   it brought back memories of when i was there   i attended BSU for a year   this is when i really got into photography taking 2 black & white classes   that was the good thing that came out of it   i remember i was so gun ho about going to school, now it seems almost secondary   i didn't know what i wanted to study at the time so i was doing the requirements plus some   Boise is a nice little town and the state beautiful in its uniqueness    the decision i made to leave there was a good one, but i wouldn't realize that til much later   not that heading to California was a whole lot better, but all part of the journey   my journey in life   i was wondering for a moment where would i be if i had stayed and completed my degree    now i still desire to complete my degree or two, but it isn't as pressing   now i have more perserverence, patience and durability to complete that journey    the journey of school again is coming together this next year for sure   funny how my interest has changed as well    i have changed much, but i'd like to go back to more of my spunk i had back then   does age really mellow you   it seems it has for me anyways....

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stupidsheetguy said...

Hey, no one said you have to get it all right the first time around! That's why we get second chances!