Saturday, December 30, 2006

very unusual

well it's saturday   snowbound saturday   it's still snowing and i bet we have 2ft of snow here in the city    this is very unusual   i went out to buy my son some thermal shirts this morn so i could get them in the mail   got the shirts, but the post office is closed    this hasn't happened in 15yrs or so   Goodness    the truckers were all lined up along the interstate in two roads east bound I-40   others were in the parking lots of Target and Walmart   the city is dead   even with my 4x4 it's too much snow to get around in    i wanted sooo much to get these shirts out to my son and his buddy Josh   plus i found out the p.o. is closed tuesday due to Pres. Ford's honor   so it won't be til wednesday before these shirts get in the mail   i talked to my son yesterday   he called 3-4times last week   it's cold in Iraq   well life doesn't always go as planned   i'm not sure when this snow will clear   hopefully soon    this is very unusual, pretty, but strange...

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jmorancoyle said...

    Now if it snowed here, we could handle two feet or better. We're well equipped between Doppler radar, snow plows and salt. The plows begin here before it sticks, and every plow is followed by a salt truck. The trucks go over and over the same streets again and again. Some of these drivers will work 12 to 24 hours straight when needed. Now that you're bored to death over our winter ritual, I can only say that it was 50 here yesterday.
    Good luck to Kyle and to getting him those shirts. Hopefully it will warm up there soon.
    Good luck with the weather, and Happy New Year.