Friday, January 11, 2008

the bucket list

The Bucket List   great movie!  or at least i think so  just saw it tonite with M   she invited me since she didn't get to hook up with her beau   i really appreciated this movie   the end of their lives brought joy, love, appreciation and more to their hindsight   this is what this illness i have did for me  and it brings more, whether it be death or sickness or other traumatic events in one's life  just wish i had the money to do all the things these guys did   if i did, i definitely would   i'll get in as much adventure as i can as time unfolds   in the meantime, i soooo appreciate the moments NOW   when they say stop and smell the roses, truly do so  treasure the moments with friends and family   watch the beauty of the sunrise or sunset  enjoy the music of the birds singing and other simple pleasures of the day   everything else really doesn't matter   these are the real values i have in Life anyways   Blessed am I just to be here...

p.s.   see the movie. 


ksquester said...

It's on my list to see.   Thanks for the review.   Anne

sunnyside46 said...

It's good to be at this place in our lives, I talk to younger women and I wouldn't trade my hard-won wisdom for the world!