Tuesday, January 15, 2008

special forces armory

special forces armory=2 safety pins in my boots   i was feelin' like Macgyver(sp?) today   i still have my handy pocket knife with me always   today i used it to adjust a chain for my feather necklace   then i proceeded to put 2 large safety pins in my military issue desert boot   i bought those boots, used, for one of my Christmas gifts   i had noticed a slight tear in the seam of one boot   well it expanded, so it was time to patch it up a bit   so if anyone asks, it's my special forces armory....in the meantime, i was coming home to write Refael an email   his departure day was yesterday and i was sure that we missed the opportunity to say good-bye   well, lo & behold, he shows up at my kiosk at work tonite   i was esctatic   he's still waiting on money owed him from his boss, then he'll return   hopefully he'll be out of here by this sunday   it was just good to see him and i'm happy i still have a chance to say good-bye   he also is going to give me some things of his  so i'll have plenty of momentos besides the 5x7 photo i just had printed of him   i also have his home phone number in Israel   so i'll be in touch   now if i could only find a man like him closer to my age    anyways, all is ok with me   seeing Refael and having lunch with M today perked me up   i've a touch of the 501 Blues today-ugh   but between these 2 special people in my life and the book i'm reading, it turned out to be a blessed day!

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