Monday, January 7, 2008

can't sleep

hello   i can't sleep yet because my meds haven't kicked in   i went to work this morn at 10am expecting to leave at 4pm   well i didn't get out of there til 9pm tonite   but that's ok  Life happens   anyways as i laid down to sleep i remembered something i wanted to share   i wanted to expand on everyone has accents around here when i spoke about it before    well where do i begin    there was one nite i felt for a moment i was back at Chicago O'Hare airport and it's been at least 2 decades since i've been there    my boss' mom was on the phone   they're originally from Laos   so the mom speaks with a heavy accent   but tonite she was speaking her native language   then i went to speak with Refael   he and his friends were speaking Hebrew   back to the cart a few moments later, then arrives some Mexicans from across the border speaking spanish    it was just one of those moments that reminded me of when i was in the O'Hare airport    i was on my way back to Washington from Europe   i had gone a 3 week vacation to Germany, Holland, Switzerland, Austria and France   for 3 weeks i heard many different languages and en route home, i heard all the same at the airport   it was like music to my ears   i served overseas in the military and grew accustom to different languages and cultures   it was an amazing experience   sometimes i think all Americans need to go abroad for a few weeks at least to expand their horizons and experiences   we sure could learn from some of their ideas over there    anyways, the different accents i hear are always there   it is one of my joys here to know people of all nations and just how diversified we all are, yet each as human as the next...Refael is leaving soon   i'm missing him already.


ksquester said...

You're right, we all need to go overseas to really appreciate what all we have in this country.  FREEDOM.  I was in London a year ago and still haven't gotten over the prices of everything.  I bet you had a good time visiting all of those countries.  Anne

stupidsheetguy said...

I definitely learned to appreciate this country a whole lot more after spending some time overseas. It's always good to know other cultures, etc., but I sure like coming home!

sunnyside46 said...

I want to travel one day

jmorancoyle said...

    Once upon a time I worked in a bakery. One of our customers spoke only English. His companion (he was handicapped and needed extra help) spoke only Polish. He used to call us up everyday because he wanted our one clerk, who was from Argentina, to translate for him. Didn't get it wasn't the same language. I agree with you about listening to other languages. We have more Hispanic here than anything, and there is always that argument about how they should learn to speak English. Maybe they should eventually. Still, the best thing about this country is the influences from all over the world. There aren't very many countries that were designed as this one was, to be a home to the world.