Thursday, January 17, 2008

i forget

i forget that my masseuse is really good until i go see her as i did today   my shoulder has been giving me some pain   she talks about everything she is doing while working on me and she's so knowledgable   i always feel so much better regardless it's a whole body massage or just working on one area as she did today   i've decided to see her once a month at least for my shoulders and back   occasionally i'll get a full massage coming out like a wet noodle   i haven't really budgeted for her, but most definitely will   there's soooo much i want to be doing that i've tended to throw the massage aside   she also gave me an herb for toning my muscles but it also helps you lose weight   we talked naproxen versus ibuprofen for an anti-inflammatory for my shoulder   now i can get back to my weights, but i'll also consult for a physical therapist   i really don't like physical therapist   most be call it physical therapy   i call it pain and torture since 1977 when i broke my left femur   pain & torture is more fitting   anyways, now i have better knowledge to deal with my shoulder and can start pickin' my guitar some  it was painful to do so the other night, so i laid off the weights for a few days   just have a broken down body from the p.o. days   but i'll live   march on i say, there's life to be livin'! 

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jmorancoyle said...

    Feel better soon.