Thursday, January 24, 2008

long week..and it ain't over

so, it's thursday nite and i've got one more day before i can be home for once   i've been gone ALL week   it started sunday   did i ever tell you going to church with Marsha is an all day affair   this past sunday was no exception   first church, which was a good service with a guest speaker   then to pick up Marsha's daughter and Lil Miss Madison  i volunteered to help watch Madison because her mother was sick  Marsha fixed breakfast for all of us while i watched the baby and Dianne (daughter) laid down   then we watched football the rest of the afternoon and evening  long day...moving right along, i worked ALL day/evening, then worked tuesday and went to Marsha's again  wednesday i helped Marsha at church then worked   today i had lunch with Rev Jennie, then helped Marsha, then worked  tomorrow i'm in to help Marsha all day before i go to work   and alas, Saturday will be here and i'm off for the weekend   don't ask me how i get myself into all this   i need to slow down again   i woke up grumpy this morn and didn't want to leave the house...but i had to talk with Rev Jen today about something happening at the church   had to get it off my chest...all week, all day and evening 10am-10pm...anyways, next week will be better   i'm back on 2nd shift, 4-9pm with the morning and the day all to myself if i like   starting my exercise regimen again especially the hiking part   gotta lose some weight and get back into condition...and in a couple weeks, i'll definitely be doing my guitar lessons again....right now i'm going to chill and hit the sack..until another day..God bless!


stupidsheetguy said...

All sounds good to me. I have to break out my guitar soon.

Have a good weekend!

sunnyside46 said...

you are a busy woman

jmorancoyle said...

     Didn't you say something last week about volunteering at church again? I thought you retired. It just go to show you, when you make spare time, you'll fill it up with something else. Take care of yourself.