Saturday, January 12, 2008

rio grande nature center

good evening my friends   today was a good day   it started with leading the church hike group on a little stroll down by the bosque   the trail went along the rio grande river  we went in circles momentarily, but we trekked onward coming to a bench next to the river   there were birds to be seen  a heron and other birds   then we walked back to the visitor center   it was short, but sweet   nice to be out in the fresh air and warm sun despite the cooler weather   once back at the visitor center we peered through a wall surrounding a pond where the above ducks played and swam peacefully   another guy there had his camera, i didn't    he had a 100m-400m lens which reminded me that's on my list to get this year   seeing the beautiful wood duck, i had to run home and get my camera   although i do have a 80m-200m, it immediately became clear a larger zoom or telephoto lens is absolutely necessary   i've been wanting a 500m forever and i think it's about damn time i splurge on it    anyways, i did manage to get the above photos  another time and larger lens, i'll go back    in the meantime, our hike group wants to go to the bosque del apache next month   i wanted to go back anyways, so off we'll go   i may have to take the trip down there before the group hike, but i'm going to focus on the cranes   i'm ready for a road trip by myself   i'll have to see how my funds will be since yesterday i learned of a new class being taught at church starting 7 Feb    everything will work out   it always does    ....anyways, tonite i said good-bye to Itay, another Israeli i met this week working the kiosk next to me   he and Refael will leave on monday for sure this time   hopefully Refael will at least call before he departs   if not, i'll be in touch via email   Adi (sp?) another Israeli has decided to stay for another year   he's workin' a little coffee shop   so it'll be fun to have him around   it's been a great pleasure to have them here   they represent their country very well   they sell good products too   ....well i guess i'm tired   there was more i wanted to say and it has escaped me   after the hike, i worked tonite   it's been a long day   my pillow calls me and so do my kids   until i see you again...God bless!


ksquester said...

Moss isn't going to grow on your butt. You are a busy woman with many great things to do.  Anne

sunnyside46 said...

Great pics!