Friday, August 18, 2006

gotta beef!

this entry is to shake off some nerves    i'm out fixin' my bike, the gasket finally came in   anyways, this damn pitt bull comes up and attacks me    no it didn't bite me thank god but what pissed me off to no end is the damn owner says it doesn't attack    what a bunch of !@#$%^ bull!   i know a vicious dog when i see one   after 20yrs at the p.o. and 2 dog bites let alone the numerous charges on me by dogs regardless of their type, i know dogs!   damn, there are many dog owners who have their heads up their a$$e$!   now i know my neighbor is one of them!   what world do these dog owners live in when it comes to their dogs    i've seen it for 20yrs   WAKE UP!

...more bad news

after workin on my bike, i discovered a major damage at the oil valve   there's nothing for the valve to screw   a major chip is in that body part and missin'    apparently cracked, it chipped off   nothin to hold the valve so the oil won't leak    i won't know for another couple weeks whether or not the bike is salvagable    i'm beginning to wonder if this bike was worth it   Marlo and his friends really trashed this bike    i pray it's repairable....


my Bosox are gettin their asses kicked by those damn Yankees!   ouch!    is it friday the 13th?

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lacaza3 said...

Glad you wernt hurt turn him in to animal control
Donna In TEXAS