Thursday, August 24, 2006

a letter

i sit quietly this morn feelin' Spirit who returned to me, who never left   in a moment the sun will rise  it will be a dawning of a new day   the birds will be singing and it will be a glorious moment    i am teary this morn reflecting on the goodness of Life for that is all there is   i've been waiting for this moment since my temporary setback of a few weeks ago (throwin' out sum of Ramtha teachings)   that temporary setback was being a bit disillusioned by spirituality   a reminiscence of when i came out of my psychosis and didn't believe anything to be spiritual and questioning whether God even existed   but my heart and soul knew   they knew not only a few weeks ago, but years ago when i was truly disilllusioned    experiencing my psychosis i truly recognized and realized  just how powerful our minds are    but as i've learned the past 3yrs thru our church, it isn't the brain doing the thinking, it truly is us    so my setback was of my brain of my experience and its effects on me wondering what really is Truth and what is not    Spirit never deceives us   we do that to ourselves   only living can we know the difference   blessed are we in our lives, in our endeavors   blessed are we to have the breath of Life which is Spirit breathing through us    Loved are we eternally and there is never an end   ...there are not enough words to describe Spirit and they really don't do it   for how does one truly describe Love in its infinity and what does it truly look like.....
Have a great day my friend!   just sum thoughts to share....much love & hugz~k

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