Monday, August 14, 2006


well, today was the first day for volunteer work at the church   office assistance   we have a major data collection project right now to do   tedious, but it's sumthin to do   as long as they can keep me busy so time will fly by, i'll be alright   after hours of research, i had to come home and chill for about an hour   it's been over 20yrs since doin office work=military career   shall see how this goes after this month   plus we're suppose to get more volunteers in   hopefully not too many because my understandin is there's not enough work at the moment as it is, except for the project   anyways, it was a good day   another day manana, but i'll get a break in the midst of it with Miracles class   then i'm fillin in on thursday for another woman    should make the week go by fast    change of pace   all is good!

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