Saturday, August 19, 2006

saturday nite fever

mostly it's saturday nite   the only fever is the one the Yankees have on my Bosox, but i still love my Sox    i had been searchin' for a baseball team to call my own when Boston showed up and kicked the Yankees before winning the World Series   why i chose it is because of the rivalry   no i'm not from Boston   visited there once but that's all    ya know ya gotta love those damn Yankees, but somebody's gotta beat them sometime   for now i see the Red Sox best possibility    i love a rivalry and boy has my Bosox jacket i bought a few months ago brought a lot of attention   i know it's all just a game despite my love affair with sports   but hey, talkin' up your team and havin a steamy debate with the opponent can be fun, as long as the other guy knows it's just for fun    i can be a die hard, but it's not a life and death situation ever for me when it comes to sports    i learned all this in my youth and playing sports for about 25yrs   it truly is the comraderie that i love most   sports is just great fun for me whether i play or spectate   a great way to work out frustration too   anyways, i love my Chicago Bears even tho they have probably loss more games than won,, but there's nothin' like Da Bears   it isn't whether you win or lose, it's how you play the game!....

in the meantime, i'm here at the fort holdin down Ms Boo     she's a barkin' a lot nowadays and i still have in my head the conversation with her former owner Tjnya stating "she's not a barker"    well as i heard those words over the phone, i'm thinkin' to myself what about the complaint i had from the neighbor just last week?   little does Tj know that Boo is Not the same dog as she was when Tj had her    even my vet told me this back in May    and once back from florida in Jun, Boo has become an even happier dog   God i even have to put her outside to give me a break   she wants to play and play and play all the time    even this moment while writing this entry, we're playin ball   overall she's a pretty good dog, but i've decided to get her into training classes after all asap     my only complaint is her gnawing on my hands although it is play   she doesn't obey me quickly enough to stop   and she's persistant with this   i don't want her to ever think she can do this with anyone who wood stop by and visit, so i want to put a stop to this   i must put a stop to this for all concerned   plus i decided i want her trained well should we be out in public and someone gets really scared of her simply because she's a rottie and loses it    i've had plenty of experience with this just with Charlie Brown   once was enough    anyways, all will be fine   Boo is a friendly dog, but others don't know this   they just see her as a rottie and that's enough    so off to school we'll go soon.....well that's about the news here in nm, except we're gettin more rain   i'm lovin' it because it keeps it cool and the trails open!

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