Monday, August 7, 2006


got on my bike today   just rode for a lil while   i hit a back road to see where it went = a dead end to a small airplane airport    so much for adventure   on the way back i stopped at the Harley Davidson bike shop    met a sales rep and she let me sit on a few bikes   sweeeeet!   now i'm definitely sold on the Harley   all the bikes i sat on were a perfect fit   my feet were flat on the ground -yeah!   i sat on several different models and loved them all    there was one particular used bike, Dyan? i think it's called   low seat, best fit    if nothing else i'll get a Softtail, preferrably Heritage Softail    they have several 'types' of Softtail    so now i have just one bill to pay, then i can save a hunk of a down payment for the bike   if i get my disability payments, then i may be able to save cash for the whole thing   we'll see    but i realized it'll be a couple summers still before i make that road trip to D.C. and back on my bike    anyways, i look forward to that new bike which i really don't plan on buyin til next spring   just wood like a lil more ridin under my belt before i purchase that cruiser    sweeeeeeet!   can't wait....

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