Wednesday, August 2, 2006

hwy 2 the danger zone

well, i got on the interstate finally today on my bike   definitely the danger zone   got on it 3x and it was gettin to be too much fun, so i got off    anyways, it was great to finally break that barrier with my bike   and boy was it sooo windy on that interstate   in the city just a breeze, on the freeway you'd think there was a tornado comin   ok maybe not quite that strong, but pretty damn strong...manana i'm headed out to Bandelier on my bike   finally checked out that oil leak and ordered the part, but nothin major to hold me back on a nice long ride    i go thru the Jemez on the back roads, provided the weather is as clear as it's been today   it got hot again actually   the days before it's been raining cats and dogs, much needed to say the least   ...i also met with Rev Jen for Starbucks today   great to see her   i felt sooo much better after seeing her   i swore i grew a few inches after this chat   ....come monday i start volunteering at church   wanted to volunteer somewhere and decided Animal Humane was Not the place because here they euthanize    after receiving the packet from them, it really hit home that euthanizing business   nope not for me   so off to church i go for a little while   will find out more about it on the meantime, hope everyone is having a great summer!

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