Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Billie Jean King

     remember this legend?   i won't ever forget her    she was my idol in youth   i learned to play tennis because of her   i learned to be assertive in life, aggressive in sports because of her style of play    i'll never forget that match with Bobby Riggs   what a turning point for me   what a turning point for women in sports in life    she appeared very strong back then   she appeared even stronger last nite as i watched her ceremony for the renaming of the Tennis Center at the U.S. Open    wow, how powerful she is    with reflections of myself lately, i wonder if this is where i got my strength   sometimes i'm amazed how strong i am especially after my psychosis and definitely not feeling it    anyways, what an icon Billie Jean is   what an honor bestowed upon her   the first naming of a sports place after a woman   this woman i won't ever forget   she made the Biggest impression on me in my youth than anyone ever did    i salute you Billie Jean King!   my idol!

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ksquester said...

I had an original Billy Jean King tennis racket and I sold it at a garage sale 10 yrs ago.  WOE is me!   Anne