Friday, August 11, 2006

johnny, charlie & my bike

well first of all my bike is down again   i ordered a gasket and received it yesterday   took the bike apart only to discover the gasket was not the right size -damn it!   back to re-ordering it today    i hate it when i can't ride my bike!   i was definitely the grease monkey doin all this and you should see all the oil all over the sidewalk-oi!

second, i miss my Charlie Brown still   that lil munchkin still tugs at my heart since he made his transition in january    i love dogs, but Charlie just beat them all    there will never be another Charlie, not that i want that (my dad mentioned it)   just one loveable Charlie!

third, but not least    i saw the Actor's Guild Studio (?) on tv   can't remember the exact name   anyways, they interview actors in front of other young actors, writers, playwrites, directors, etc    well the guest last nite was Johnny Depp    now i just absolutely love this guy ever since 21 Jump Street   althought i haven't seen every single one of his movies, i catch as many as i can    it was great seeing the real Johnny out of 'character'   he is an eccentric of sorts but that makes him that much more beautiful    i finally saw him in Sleepy Hollow on the tv the other nite   good movie   sorry it took me so long to see that movie   well i'm just not goin to miss another Depp movie!

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