Sunday, October 23, 2005

almost over

well it's sunday evening   the weekend is almost over and i'm almost done with my floors   just a little bit more giving the small portion left a second coat of resealing    boy this weekend go by fast   but i finally get to relax a little tonite and just chill with homework   the place isn't totally organized, but it looks much better with the paint job pretty much done and the floor resealed       it's all shiny now   just need to paint the trim and organize now   can't do either tonite for the seal must not be traveled upon til after 6hrs   by then i'll be in bed   ....i'm looking forward to a nice quiet evening minus my dogs barking to get in   i didn't make it to the mtns, so i went to church instead   i'll have next sunday & monday off, so the mtns will definitely be in the plans then   there will be plenty time to get there as well the meantime, i did get in a movie this weekend, Four Brothers    it is a good movie, i just wasn't in the mood for violence at the time   a quietness had overcome me just before the movie   o well, it was only a dollar, so couldn't pass it up....o yes, Kyle found another job  he got interviewed and hired yesterday    he'll be working at Foley's as a salesman   he should be getting the hours he needs too    this made my day   just as i get a little frustrated with him, he's out doing something good to make up for all of it   is this typical of children?   i'm not accustom to being a     anyways, i'll keep everyone posted on selling of the house    need to start lookin for a place again to live   this is all happening too fast and not fast enough.....until another day....have a good one!

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