Friday, October 7, 2005

friday morn

morning everyone!    it's been a few days since writing, but it's been my cable connection that's been out   finally it was back on yesterday    but last nite i talked with Carol & Rich on the phone   they're my second parents that live in Spokane, WA    we adopted each other 20yrs ago when i was stationed up there   i met them thru a friend and we've stayed connected ever since   it was great to talk with them    Rich isn't doing so well   he's had heart problems for years now   at the moment they can't figure out what is wrong   i'm saying a prayer for him and hope he will be fine    once retired, i'm headed up there first thing.....after talking with them, i chatted with Dona online for a bit   she sent me some jams 2 weeks ago, but i haven't received them yet    i'm calling the station this morn and see if the carrier has seen it.....

now, for the latest in my world    wednesday i check out a couple places in the mountains to live   the first was a beautiful home surrounded my trees everywhere   there is a dog pen, but it's full of trees also    it's also $50 more than i desire to pay for rent    i'll take this house only as a second choice    the other house i checked out is on 5 acres of land, has a horse corral and is a plane jane country home   square inside and out, but that's no big deal    i love the horse corral for keeping my dogs in and there's a fenced chicken coupe that i can use for charlie   she'll take the coupe out, but it is all enclosed which is perfect for keeping charlie penned in    and yes, both places have comcast cable high speed internet connection   the second place is also in my price range for rent   so, i'm putting the deposit together now and hope to move in by the first of november   say a prayer for me, k?

the autumn clouds are here and have been here ever since last week   we've even been getting some rain   the clouds are covering the city right now, but there's no forecast for rain   hopefully they'll burn off later this morn   and hopefully it won't rain the next few days of the Balloon Fiesta   i have yet to get out there   i'm going saturday morn for there is definitely rain in the forecast for sunday    i'll post pics asap

little ms jasmine is hanging out with me more often these days   she even slept with me a couple times    if kyle gets to go to iraq, she'll become my dog while he's gone yet remember him upon his return home   kyle and nicole don't want her socialized which i disagree with   so while he's gone, i'm socializing her    she's such asweetie pie    well now that she lies in my lap, i will sign off for now    i'll be on & off for awhile til i'm moved    take care  God Bless you all!

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fitzzer said...

Glad to hear you found a new place! You must be so excited about the upcoming move. Although the actual act of moving is no fun, it will be nice to be in a new place.