Sunday, October 2, 2005

from Ramtha

To walk alone in the forest is to walk unmolested, 

To climb the peak of a grand mountain 

And feel the wind, icy cold, strong fingers through your hair, 

And breathe impeccable breath, 

And to see valleys far, far away, 

To sit in a stream of running water forever, forever, forever, 

To place a thought on a passing leaf as it makes its way to the ocean,

To be filled in the joy of midnight,

To dance like elfin queens underneath starry midnight,

To become intoxicated with the light of the silvery moon

Waxing and waning till dawn,

To be astride a great fiery steed riding with the wind

And having its mane blowing around your chest and in your face

As you cover meadows, hills and dales,

And riding wild and free,

Of being a great seer

Who can see the invisible world dance and play,

Without harm, without violence, without misery.

To go and sit by a crackling fire,

Watching the sparks and the embers glow and hue

Like some faraway city,

To have soft slippers and good tobacco

And the smell of old books and fine leather,

 To have a pot of tea, and to sip it,

To look behind you, at the window, curtains drawn alas,

And the moment of that silence only disturbed by the cry of a night bird,

And the faintness of it is heard,

And, alas, you watch the embers,

And all that you are,

And all that you are enjoying,

The splendor of that moment impregnated with life,

Brings unsoliciited joy that is beyond understanding,

It is simple. 


kkasey47 said...

Beautiful..I can see and feel it...thank for sharing.......Kasey

kkasey47 said...

Sorry here is my Journal ...Kasey

fitzzer said...

nice entry

delela1 said...

Now that one really spoke to me.  My eyes read the words, but in my mind I relieved moments spent camping in the mountains, sitting by a creek or the river, early mornings sipping coffee and Bailey's by the campfire as birds sing over.   Ah yes.  It is simple.