Wednesday, October 12, 2005

hi all

well,  it's been a few days    i've been lazy and contemplating   i think too much sometimes   like today   i got started and it wouldn't stop today    so i'm taking a time out writing this journal    monday, i did my homework for Bible Wisdom class   it was awesome!   we're studying Jesus' teachings and the parables he taught    i learned sooo much from just one parable   i had no idea they had so much depth to them   such simple words and not a whole lot of them giving such understanding     i can hardly wait to read next week's assignment   this class is just what i desired to learn and more the meantime, i bought another book the other day, Real Love, by Greg Baer, M.D.   i know, i was reading Potter, however i put it down due to class    i've been barely able to squeeze my assignments in, let alone Potter   but after last nite's class, i recognized i don't need to worry   over half the class showed up without reading the assignment   so now, i'll set aside sundays to take care of Bible Wisdom studies    so, the other days, i'm going to read Real Love before returning to Potter   it's a book about unconditional love & fulfilling relationships    I am ready for a relationship with someone, but i still much to learn about them, or so i think anyways   i haven't been successful in previous relationships, but i was young and dumb too   regardless, i always desire to learn more of life and improve myself if nothing else   i've read a few pages already on this book and like it thus far    plus this book is not as thick as Potter #5    i'll let you know anything interesting in the book should it show itself, back at the ranch (my house),   i came home tonite to just the dogs   kyle is at a friends and will be for the nite   when i came home, a new perspective hit me regarding kyle-he's being a irresponsible kid too    he's a good kid, a sweetheart, but i'm thinking by him living with me he's not growing up more   instead, i think this is continuing his teenage years (this came to light in seeing the disarray of my house this evening)   anyways, i've already briefly mention the thought of setting him up in an apartment if i move to the mtns   having this realization indicates to me i probably should    he works manana and i don't   i go see another place in the mtns to rent which is smaller than my 954sq ft now    i love my nephew dearly   he is a joy to have around, but....i need to do what's best for me...and him....i had prayed for guidance and clarity today   this does give me some clarity tonite   i'll keep my eyes and ears open for more clarity to come.......well, one more thing   GO WHITE SOX!!!   my Red Sox loss, so i'm supporting the black & white!

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jmorancoyle said...

    Thank you for the support!
     About Kyle, is he going overseas or not? That should be a consideration in whether or not he should rent an apartment.