Sunday, October 9, 2005

I Am There

                                                I Am There

                                Written by James Dillet Freeman

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                                               Do you need Me?

                                                     I am there.

                      You cannot see Me, yet I am the light you see by.

                   You cannot hear Me, yet I speak through your voice.

             You cannot feel Me, yet I am the power at work in your hands.


                   I am at work, though you do not understand My ways.

                   I am at work, though you do not understand My works.

                          I am not strange visions, I am not mysteries.


              Only in absolute stillness, beyond self, can you know Me

                      as I AM, and then but as a feeling and a faith.


                            Yet I am here.  Yet I hear.  Yet I answer.

                                     When you need ME, I am there.

                                    Even if you deny Me, I am there.

                               Even when you feel most alone, I am there.

                                    Even in your fears, I am there.

                                    Even in your pain, I am there.


                     I am there when you pray and when you do not pray.

                                     I am in you, and you are in Me.

                    Only in your mind can you feel separate from Me, for

                    Only in your mind are the mists of “yours” and “mine”.

               Yet only with your mind can you know Me and experience Me.


                                   Empty your heart of empty fears.

                        When you get yourself out of the way, I am there.

                         You can of yourself do nothing, but I can do all.

                                                    And I AM in all.


                      Though you may not see the good, good is there, for

                   I am there.  I am there because I have to be, because I AM.


  Only in Me does the world have meaning; only out of Me does the world take form;

                             Only because of ME does the world go forward.

                             I am the law on which the movement of the stars

                                And the growth of living cells are founded.


                     I am the love that is the law’s fulfilling.  I am assurance.

                  I am peace.  I am oneness.  I am the law that you can live by.

                       I am the love that you can cling to.  I am your assurance.

                               I am your peace.  I am ONE with you.  I am.


                                 Though you fail to find ME, I do not fail you.

                          Though your faith in Me is unsure, My faith in you never

                               Wavers, because I know you, because I love you.


                                               Beloved, I am there.


i needed this morn    to be reminded that God is there no matter what   no matter when   no matter whatever    i'm second guessing about my move to the mountains   i'd do it in a heartbeat if kyle wasn't here    maybe as i let this be for now, kyle will learn of whether he'll be deployed to iraq    but, i also recognize the advantages of living in town   so i'm torn and not sure what to do at the moment   so when there's a fork in my road and i don't know which way to travel, i wait   the answer will come to me    and i know God will show me which way....


candace636 said...

He will.
My favorite bible verse is "You are my hiding place". (Psalms something....)
He's always the best place to hide on days like today.

kkasey47 said...

I feel like your entry was wrote for me today........Kaey