Monday, October 31, 2005

one monday morn

mornin' all...i haven't written much lately   been a bit stressed and just trying to wind down   so i'm having hot apple pie and coffee this morn while waiting for  the dogs to chill out   i've also discovered that my space bar is not  working well  i wonder if kyle spilled something on this  this entry may be  very short...damn if it's not one thing it's another nowadays  getting the house prepared for selling  is stressful,  kyle is stressful(he's sending his money to his girlfriend in lieu of contributing to our welfare), work load has picked up as usual....anyways, it's stress!  i'm waiting for this move to be over   for kyle to have his own place   for me to have my space back ...yes i'm spoiled....i'm ready to be retired, but the paper work just finally got submitted a couple days ago    i'm ready for some relief and it's not coming soon    i'm moody this morn-ugh!    thank goodness i get to see my therapist this afternoon   she'll be a great help just to unload for an hour    why can't life be simplier?

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