Monday, October 17, 2005

decision made

hmmm  long day   but every day at work these days seems awfully long    spent 1hr in the office and 7 on the street    that's like working overtime  ....anyways, in the midst of it all this morn, i all but decided not to move to the mountains   one aspect which i forgot to consider came to mind today-retirement    if i retire while in the mtns, i'd become ms. hermit and i don't desire to do that    i want all the opportunities of city life when retired:  the bookstores, shopping malls, entertainment industry, and the mountains only a few minutes away    i can go hiking all i want once retired    there's still a place to rent on my postal route    i'm keeping my eye on it   it's perfect for my dogs and me, but if kyle moves in, i won't be able to afford it unless he gives a bigger contribution to the household    of course he can do that if he's full time military     right now i'm just going to wait, see if he goes to iraq   i think he'll know by the end of the month   one step at a time    one decision made, the other will show up in time   no hurry.....well in the meantime, i'm chillin tonite   we have the baseball game on, muted, while listening to some good music    i'll finish up homework tonite also for class manana   just a little more reading and a questionnaire....time for a shower Now    kyle has WWF or WWE stuff on   can't stand that wrestling crap!


candace636 said...

I'm glad you found the answer. : )

delela1 said...

As much as the mountains hold a special appeal, they do bring to mind that living in them equates to living the life of a hermit.  Can't see you, or me, as a hermit.  And don't we get spoiled by the easy convenience of daily life...the bookstores, shopping, etc.  The mountains may provide plenty for our spiritual side, but not always for our physical needs.  Oh well.  WWF?  Oh Gawd!  I hate it as well.


fitzzer said...

I can't stand that wrestling crap either. It sounds like you are in a good thoughtful place. Sounds like you're on the right track. If you don't retire to the mountains, you'll still be able to get away to them. Can't ask for much more than that - very lucky indeed!