Monday, October 3, 2005

guys and duct tape

WHAT is up with you guys and duct tape?    every time i have duct tape here in the house, some guy comes along, uses it and it disappears    they don't know what they do with it and i've only seen it a few days ago   one big fat roll and you lose it    former roommates, the neighbor and now kyle %$$#@!   have you ever heard of replace it back to where you got the item?   -aaaaargh!-

well wednesday i have 3 places in the mountains to look at for rent    i've been plugging away at kyle that it would probably be best if he got a place in town   today he said he was moving with me-UGH!!!   i must make it clear he can't use my car when we move up there   there will be no commuting-me taking and picking him up at work-no sharing my car    i told him he must have his own car!   i've lived up there before and i know once i'm home up there, there's no coming down the mountain to run to the store   granted there are larger grocery stores up there, but still    once home, i stay home   it's too peaceful and quiet to do anything else, which i enjoy immensely    plus, kyle's commute back and forth to work will be an hour one way   we'll see what happens   he thinks he's going to iraq for sure   i'm trying to prepare him if that doesn't happen     right now i'm just going to focus on getting out of here   and we haven't told the neighbors   they'll find out soon enough ....i talked with Pat my realtor today   she says my repairs will only run me about $1200 which i believe includes her niece painting the interior   so at her suggestion, i started packing today    o boy, what junk and dirt i have    i thought  i kept the house pretty clean despite the dogs, however, i discovered it is still filthy despite my efforts   so i'm turning over a new leaf, or so i am going to try    once i move the dogs will stay outside ALL the time, except below freezing temps    once i find the place, i'll immediately work on dog housing and keeping it warm during the winter   i do prefer a spit shine house, although i have eased up on that since having my kids  still, they're tracking toooo much dirt in-ugh!.....what a day     kyle just left for work   i can chill for the nite and do my homework for class finally   that is what i intended for the day, then work on the house; but it didn't work out ....o well......for now, until i see you folks again....


ksquester said...

I know you love your nephew, but I have found that all adults should live on their own after awhile. It teaches them so many lessons. You have been very good to him.  I know what you mean about duct husband used it to repair his convertible........on the outside! Oh brother!!!    Anne

stupidsheetguy said...

LOL, I promise to bring the tape back next time!

Good luck with the house hunting!


gabreaelinfo said...

You know I have ask my husband that very same question about duct tape. Men think it's the greatest invention since the wheel. Go figure.


delela1 said...

Men and duct tape.  Yet another mystery of the universe.

Hey, where's the photos of the balloons?  Wasn't that last weekend?