Thursday, October 27, 2005

cool inside

it's coool in here!   came home with the door ajar because Saddie painted the doors today   she's been doing my interior painting prepping the house for sale   i think it's all but ready for the market   she's also going to assist me this weekend in packing and straightening up   can't get my son to help much nowadays around here   so while he's working, we'll pack & the meantime, i'm ready for him to have his own place   we definitely talked about that once we move from here   i'm keeping my fingers crossed   i love him dearly, but it's time he be on his own.....tonite i'm listening to 99.5fm radio with Delila (sp?)   she takes dedications and plays all these love songs every nite from 7pm til about midnite i think    i hadn't listened to this in years, mostly because i have no love life at the moment   but lately i'm feeling great about life in general (for the past 3months actually)   so now i can fully enjoy the love songs and this station all day long again   it's refreshing   it's sooo nice to be back again   over the past 7yrs i have said many times i have felt more 'normal' as time has gone by   these past few months, i feel TOTALLY back from the long journey of my illness   i'm at peace   i'm happy again   i still have my rollercoaster ride with the blues, but i know that this is the way it is, and the way it is not   i accept this   the blues are just another day in the life of Karen   i am blessed in many ways despite some struggles   Life is grand in all its beauty!


jmorancoyle said...

Good to hear. Take care of yourself.

delela1 said...

Trick or treat!


fitzzer said...

I'm so glad you're feeling better! Have a Happy Halloween! ~ Lori

deveil said...

thanks for your comments, I did a search and found your blog, which I'm glad I did.  Have a great week.