Sunday, June 11, 2006

a day on the mountain

well i think i mentioned earlier i had a cold    so i've been fighting that all week   it's almost gone   cleared enough for me to make it to the Peak    everyone and thier dog made it there   except i didn't take my dogs    all the trails on the mountain are closed  i went the other day down the street and that trail was closed as well    so i'll be hiking right next to town, but that's ok   at least i get to hike still    so today i sat on the edge of the mountain, for some reason i love the edge, and contemplated life    it was a good day there   actually only a few hours there for i really wanted some solitude, but i enjoyed the people anyways    the wind blew and you could smell the dryness in the air   i think just a thought of fire would have ignited the trees it was so dry    but it was a good time there and i felt better after the visit    i came home and realized i'm ready for a monastery or something like it    so i'll make my apartment into one sorta   do my spiritual practices, play some meditation music, read and study then play with my dogs    i'll be starting classes again in the near future   i'm excited and can hardly wait   it'll be a home study program, but i'm going to have a blast    in the meantime, i've decided i'm going to see Ramtha   hopefully by next summer    i must see some more family first and a friend, then i'll definitely get there    Life is still good    the Unknown awaits me....

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