Tuesday, June 27, 2006

debris everywhere

or at least here on the mountain side    i went to my psyche doc today and there was mud and dirt all over this side of the mountain    last nite we had one heck of a storm, much needed no less    was hopin it would continue for 3 days as the initial forecast called   but not at the moment   looks like rain not til saturday again    well this weekend is coming and i'm ready to ride my bike to Bandelier    we'll see considering i jammed my thumb yesterday chasing my jimmy out the front door or so i thought   in the moment of panic as i heard him on the screen door, i dashed away from my computer here and jammed it somehow   lil tough ridin the bike with it just a short distance let alone a 2+hr ride   maybe by sunday it'lll be fine.....life is slow here on the western front   i've done nothin but chill since returning from my trip....and it's been good for me...very good    some great revelations these past couple days     now i can become that Bulletproof Monk -saw this movie a few months ago     anyways, it's great to know my potential now and there's probably more    i was strugglin with how my kick ass attitude wood gel with my spiritual journey   then i remembered that movie   Love doesn't have one look as so i have thought and probably learned since childhood    such a great hurdle to get thru finally    Life is Good!   real good!

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sunnyside46 said...

life is good,especially when you consider the alternaitve