Wednesday, June 14, 2006

motorcycles & helmets

ok, i've read about Pittsburgh's Big Ben enough   STUPID!   I own a motorcycle and wouldn't be caught dead without a helmet    use your head, don't lose it   granted you can be the best motorcyclists there ever was, but you can't trust the other driver   most people don't even think of motorcyclists   as many of us there are, we are just not visible enough to the other driver   i'm always thinking of the other driver even while driving my car    i learned that not only from motorcycle riding course but just driving here in albuquerque    there are more drivers on the road and everyone's in their own little world when driving   i understand the great feeling of be free while riding without a helmet,,'s just not sensible!

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fitzzer said...

He's sure lucky he wasn't caught that way!
I'm glad you're smart! People here don't wear them much - which is crazy. Esp. since it can be nerve wracking enough driving in a car with all the wild drivers!