Monday, June 5, 2006


well "whoa!" was somethin' lil man Kameron kept saying whenever he saw somethin'    well he didn't see this aquarium my father and Jo Ann (stepmother) took me to   but here are some photos from a beautiful aquarium with just about everything in it    (and my father and stepmother are in the pics)   there was a butterfly garden where the butterflies were contained by flying around   i captured of few of them   then there were the parrots,  but most of all were fishes and alligators and turtles and such in the water   it was at least a 3 story building and well worth the trip located in Chattanooga, more photos coming of the kids    they'll be posted in two segments   one for Sea World, the other Disney    i took over 300 pics on my vacation   ain't life grand!

p.s.   the turtle shell on the wall is as tall as the wall...

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