Sunday, June 4, 2006

i'm back!

i made it home!   i had a great trip!    i'm just sharing a few photos of the kids   all my pix of the trip didn't download so i'm recharging the battery for the camera    i hope that is all it is    i did get a few photos downloaded before it stopped   the above pics are all 4 kids i spent my vacation with    the first little guy is Kameron, 2yrs old   in this first pic he wouldn't say cheese for me   he had yet to warm up to me   but the last pic posted of him, just had to take that one, he had warmed up to me and was being a ham in front of the camera    he and i spent lots of time together even sleeping together at nite sharing it with his puppy (stuff toy)    the next tyke is Kameron's older brother, Kaleb    the third pic is Maechala then follows her brother Jaydin    all 4 kids are my sisters grandkids and i call them MY Babies    i guess these would be my grandkids if i had any    anyways, it was a great trip and i'll tell you more about it once i get all the pics posted hopefully tomorrow    although i've been back since late saturday nite, my computer didn't get home til this evening    it stayed at Cindy's house, nice and's great to be home because there's no place like home!..........................note:   the pics were re-posted and put out of order as told above    the last 2 pics are of Kameron, then Kaleb, Maechala, & Jaydin   aol had this entry posted twice   as i deleted one, it removed the pics in the other....argh!


ksquester said...

Great pictures and #5 is a hoot!    Welcome home!   Anne

jmorancoyle said...

    Welcome home! Glad you had a good time. The kids are so cute. And thank you for the polar bear email. I love polar bears!