Saturday, June 10, 2006

Ramtha's Prayer

O my beloved Spirit, my mighty Spirit, 

Omnipotent One, you who are filled

with the  power of heaven and Earth,

fill me with your power.

O my Spirit, fill me with your manifested kingdom,

that I may be a vessel to  bring forth

that which is unseen in heaven, to subdue that which

is seen on Earth.

Manifest for me my daily food, that I may live

to know my guilt, my doubt, my sorrow,

and then realize the truth.

O mighty Spirit, do not allow me to be tempted.

Protect me from all that would persuade me.

And manifest through me God divine.

So say I

So be it.

To Life!

this is a prayer comparitive somewhat to the Lord's Prayer, however it does even more   today i needed a prayer   every day i need a prayer   as i continue my spiritual journey this will be my daily prayer   Ramtha is a great spiritual teacher   he gives you the tools to return back to God and the Divine within ourselves   this is one of the tools    use it if you like and know you will awaken... 


lacaza3 said...

Hey girl how are you
donna in tEXAS

jmorancoyle said...

    It is a beautiful prayer.