Thursday, June 29, 2006

a good soldier

the ongoingness of the reflections of my life continue   each day unfolds   each day i awaken to a new message   just yesterday i heard that inner voice say "you cannot escape the black in you"   which i knew was the darkside within me   i suppose we all have that dark side about us   what mine is completely i have yet to know   i think the dark side is just another part of llife, a part of each of us to be revealed to us at some point in our lives   what that consists of is individualistic, personal to one self  but it is all my message was this morn, "you're a good soldier"    odd, but not really, that my life seems to be the equation of that   it began in childhood as my father i swear treated us like soldiers and we had to reply yes sir, yes ma'am    then i went into the Air Force for 6yrs plus 3yrs guard duty, then there was the Postal Service for 20yrs   yep you had to be a good soldier in the p.o.   they prefer veterans just for that    so all my life i've been a soldier   i guess my life's calling   now the future is untold, but i will always be that soldier   Life's duty calls, and i will answer......i'm curious what my Spirit will continue to teach me about myself    it feels so good to finally have some insight....

O my Spirit, fire in my soul

that allows my life,

that allows my thought,

that moves my body

and quickens my joy,

I worship you, I adore you.

I invite you to govern my life,

Of the mystery in my book,

I've known not,'

but I beseech you

with all my might

that you bring forth

my unknown destiny,

for yearn I,

Spirit of my being,

to know all,

to live without end,

to be empowered.

Of this I desire,

my beloved Spirit.

So be it.

thank you Ramtha for your prayers!

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