Friday, June 23, 2006

jury duty plus

not sure i told you, but i've been summoned for jury duty    orientation started today but just before it started i discovered i had been postponed til jul 14    i had requested a delay due to doctor appointments next week    well that wasn't the adventure this morn   it was gettin there that was the adventure    i went to the garage where i was informed i could park free   still drinkin my coffee and not awake, i didn't even think of height clearance on my car   well i keep forgetting i have a rack and spare tire up there    well another moment of forgetfulness and i knocked them off     God i couldn't believe i did that, but laughed at myself anyways    o braino wasn't workin this morn   altho it is friday, sure does feel like a monday....

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sunnyside46 said...

well its good you can laugh about it.
I have always wanted to do jury duty. I have a friend who got excused form it because she has a phobia about elevators.