Tuesday, June 6, 2006


WHOA!   i didn't realize i had sooo many pics from disney   and these are not all of them    anyways, it was a blast!   the first day at the park we had lunch with Pooh & friends so those pics are included   i'm a BIG fan of Pooh and you'll see me with him:-)    we spent 2 days at disney splitting the second day so we could be there at nite for the fireworks    i didn't get any photos of the fireworks, we weren't where i wanted to be for those so i passed but it was a beautiful show    we did see SpectroMagic Parade which was a lighted parade    we only spent our time in Magic Kingdom park for the kids   the next trip will be an adult tour for all the other theme parks    we also saw a parade during the day   thank goodness it lasted only about 15mins   we waited in the tremendous heat for about a half hour for it and got our workout in the sun then   it was time for some nice cold popsicles which melted faster than we could eat them   i did get to ride the Big Thunder Mountain rollercoaster   Kaleb went with me and i held onto him during the ride (for him and me...lol)   it wasn't that bad really just it's been decades since i've done a rollercoaster    my highlight at Disney was truly watching the kids enjoy themselves   i spent more time hangin out with lil man Kameron while my sister and the others rode rides    there were a few rides we all took in like the carousel, it's a small world, peter pan flight , the train and the like   at the end of the trip we all got t-shirts and i also got a sweatshirt    we had already packed the car and i forgot to leave my sweatshirt out for the trip home   my sis kept freezing my little tush off  (i don't like ac anyways   i always get cold)   so now i have a cold from going in & out of heat and air conditioning all week   today i even dealt with the 98 degree temp here at home without the air conditioning   i feel a tidbit better already   nothin like sweatin it out   i'm so accustomed to dealing with the natural temps of the weather   i still desire to remain that way....anyways, that's the photos and the trip    until i head out for another trip somewhere or just photo shooting    my motorbike is in the shop, but as soon as i get it out i'm on the road again    in the meantime, stay tuned for whatever's happening in the life of karebear:-)


fitzzer said...

OH HOW FUN! Loved the pictures. What cute kids! And a great eye you have for photography. Really great shots. I'm glad you had a blast!!

fitzzer said...

I love Eeyore - good thing - i live with him. lol - that's what I call scott. fidgi hides "her" eyeore stuffed animal on us all the time! :)

deveil said...

I loved it, I loved the gold trim on the castles,  the parade was awesome too.