Saturday, June 17, 2006

gettin dirty!

mechanic 2 plumber   tis was my day    o boy  pink dyke at it again   i guess i made it to the dyke world (tee hee)    anyways, it wasn't the battery regarding my bike    thanks to Brian's help at the service department, i figured out it was the starter relay    i had to check the fuse and the starter relay to see what was up   i took the starter relay out and ordered another part    it'll take a week to get in, but it'll cost nothing for me to install, i'll be doin that part    well guess i'll get my house cleaned since my bike is sittin   o well gotta do it sometime....

once my mechanic duties were over with the bike this morn, i joined Cindy at her house for plumbing work    think i got there about noon and just got home @ 8:15pm   we were installling automatic sprinkler systems in her lawn   now the sprinklers all already installed   we changed it from a manual valve to an automatic timed valves    there was a lot to it    i did the digging and some sawing pipes and gofer for anymore parts needed    Cindy pieced it all together which is what she wanted to do   her mother assisted in the planning and watering development   at the end of the day C & i were covered in dirt head to toe    but we did finish just in time to get lottery tickets   good luck to us all!

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sunnyside46 said...

It feels good to get something accomplished