Thursday, July 13, 2006

all quiet on the home front

thursday morn    well actually it's about noon time   my baby, Boo, is finally settling into a nap   every since i returned from my trip she's been all play all the time except when she finally takes that nap about noon time   i had even called Tjnya and told her i was shippin her overnite express   i was ready for a break   it's been a very long time since having a puppy and Boo is doin just that   i woodn't give her up for the world tho   i'm just waitin for the weather to cool again before takin her and Jimmy for hikes and walks   it's back in the high 90's way too hot for my doggies  not sure if it's their black coats that gets them hot quickly, or just their nature in general but even at 75 degrees they seem to heat up quickly....

anyways, it is nice and quiet this morn   i just opened an account on MySpace because Kyle called me yesterday and informed me of his account    this way he and i can communicate online while he's overseas    he's doin good   once he turns E-4 he wants to go into Special Forces    i'm hopin he stays more than his 3yr enlistment   he has such good potential and i hope he finds it    he really is a good kid   sounds like he's maturing some already, partying and beaching less and less   i know he can go a long way...sometimes i wish he was here, but he needed to go into the Army to grow up some more    i didn't have much patience nor money to teach him what he needed to do   anyways, all is good   i'm proud of him

in the meantime, back here on my ranch (actually my adobe bode apartment), life is good with me    i finally saw my massage therapist yesterday    she worked on my arm that's been hurting since my trip   she's such a great massage therapist   she really gets into those pressure points and i always feel sooo much better after seeing her    tonite i'm taking her to a 'Topes baseball game   she was estatic when i suggested it    her hubby, also a massage therapist, is out of town at the moment    they both are great people   i met them on my postal route.....besides that, i've been chillin'   truly chillin'   for a month i've watch sports day in day out veggin in front of the groove tube   i haven't ever done that before   first time for everything i suppose    anyways it was good for me   after my trip back east, i needed some down time    i love my famiily to death, but it can be difficult for me sometimes    anyways, i'm up & about again now   gettin ready for a hike despite the 96 degree weather  (i always take water)   goin to make hikin a daily ritual almsot   today is the beginning    i had passed on takin another class at church just so i can get some relaxin time in for the summer    i'm readin my books, takin in the ball games, hikin and relaxin with friends    i figure after workin 20yrs at the p.o., i deserve it! :-)

now let the song begin!  let us sing together

of sun, stars, moon and mist, rain and cloudy weather,

light on the budding leaf, dew o nthe feather,

wind on the open hill, bells on the heather

reeds by the shady pool, lilies on the water;

old tom bombadil and the river-daughter!

-from The Lord of the Rings: the Fellowship of the Ring


ksquester said...

You are right, you absolutely deserve it...........enjoy and stay out of that oppressive heat.   Anne

angelztchr said...

I have a myspace site too!  Send meyour link.

fitzzer said...

Glad to hear all is well over there!