Friday, July 28, 2006

it's friday!

...and only a few more days and it's payday:-)   wow!   i headed for the mountains today on my bike in hopes it wasn't raining up there, but i hadn't even got on the other side before rain drops splattered all over my goggles   so i headed back to town, cloudy but not with rain    wanting to sit in nature and feel the wind on my face i headed to a park i long had been    got there, no rain   but there were those doggone pesty flies all over the place buzzin in my ear   and those nats too   are those what they are called lil flies about the size of a pinhead?    anyways, i was too busy shooing away these pests to really sit and relax, so i came home    there's no place like home   at least i can sit here on my back porch, except the chair is wet, the cushions that is  i guess i need to buy a bench that's just wood   then i can sit anytime   anyways, it's a beautiful day   think it was only to get a high of 75 which is a great drop from the 90s   clouds scattered across the city, but the sun still shines    maybe i'll just go ride my bike sum more   that's definitely wind in my face!

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sunnyside46 said...

I have those damn things in my house...children going in and out the door all day...but I do love having the kids run wild, so I guess it is part of the package