Saturday, July 15, 2006


Swapping compliments at the pump,

Sharing stories on a saturday afternoon,

Pack your saddle bags,

Riding on your terms,

to a place where distance

is measured in gas stations,

and time is kept in sunsets.

like it?   it's my latest Harley shirt    out wearin it today on my bike   first in a couple weeks that i've been ridin'    sprung an oil leak and hadn't been able to check it out with Brian @ the shop til today   he says i need to hose down the bike really good to discover the true origin of the leak    it's probably a gasket, but hose it down first    in the meantime, all i need to do is keep it oiled    will fix this in a couple weeks when i get paid again   while ridin today i was wonderin why the hell i haven't    part because of the oil leak, not knowin the problem   part because i've been jjust chillin here at home   there's no place like today i cruised over and saw Girlfriend (Sharon-back from iraq)   she looks good   been back on the job only a couple weeks now  i did talk to her on the phone last month, but today was the first in seein her in months   just before Christmas i believe    she also told me Danny got out of the Marine Reserves   they were all ready to send him to more training and send him back to iraq again   he said adios   God he just got home to see his twins   and Sharon says the twins look just like him  his older daughter looks like her mother with blonde hair and all  the twins have the dark hair and skin  (Danny's hispanic)   anyways, it was good to hear he's stayin home   in the meantime, i'm goin to look up Danny and Sharon for dinner or lunch soon   i've seen both at work for a few moments, but not enough time to really talk    Sharon has a lil over a year on her Guard contract and she's finish with the probability of her returnin to iraq slim   all good news to hear....

anyways, i'm back home chillin'   it's so hot outside that when i came in my adobe bode it didn't feel like the ac was on   i don't have it on very high and boy was i heated    but the ride was still good!

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sunnyside46 said...

it sounds like you are in a good place in your head right now.