Monday, July 31, 2006

This Thing Called You

                            There is one Power, one Presence and one Life.
                            The living Spirit is right where I am, within,
                            around and through me.
                            I am in Spirit.
                            Spirit is in me.
                            Spirit knows in me.
                            Spirit sees through me, thinks in my mind,
                            acts through my act.
                            This well-spring of Life, flowing up through 
                            me, knows no obstruction, no congestion,
                            no imperfection.
                            There is a pattern of perfection at the center
                            of my being, a divine and heavenly pattern
                            of wholeness.
                            Every organ, action and function of my being
                            is spiritual.
                            The Spirit is perfect in every part of my being.
                            I live in peace, in joy, and in perfect life.  -by Ernest Holmes

     "The wick of your individual life runs deep into the oil of pure Being.  There is but One Life and that Life is your life now.  No matter what confusion appears at the surface of your life, there is always a place of calm at the center of your being.  No matter how turbulent the waves may be on the ocean of your experience, beneath there is a changless peace.  Your being is submerged but not lost in the Infinite."

these two are quoted from a book i had long read   the title is the heading of this entry   last week i prayed for clarity and surely did it come to me   wondering of my hatred for self and my confusion   all the answers arrived quietly at my door step one at a time one day at a time   tonite i stumbled across this book again   i needed these thoughts more than i realized and they comfort me    i finally understand my confusion   i now can truly take hold of my life and thoughts and self and live   it truly is my life now   i won't let go of it again!                                        

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