Saturday, July 22, 2006

tis saturday evening and the rain is fallin again   it's so refreshin   and with all this rain of late, tomorrow i shall see if the the trails are open for hikin again   regardless i'll get a hike in sumtime tomorrow   it's been awhile for i've vegged at home for the heat has been too much for anybody to be in, lo i worked in it for so long   yet since i don't have to be in it alas i won't   it's been too hot to even ride my bike which i dearly love  ...for now i'm still readin the Lord of the Rings, the Fellowship of the Ring   i only have a few chapters left and i just passed the dungeon's of Moria woes   Gandalf is lost to the Company and now i'm anxious to get into the next book    maybe i'll pop the movie in again to feed my hunger   but how does one read when you have puppy playin all over you all the time    there is no place to hide from her   she insists on being by my side   even this moment she's insisting on playin ball   i tell her to play with Jimmy, but he too grows tire of her as well   if it remains cool, i'm takin her to the park and unleash her energy   then i may get some rest for a moment   5months more, then she'll settle down  2, the ever age of adulthood for dogs....not really complainin  for i woke just the other morn and realized i have a new buddy now    if she isn't gnawing on my hands everyday then life wood not be the same   guess she's here to stay!

one final note,  today i received in the mail a note from M giving gratitude about her vase i bought for her birthday   she absolutely loves it   why a vase?   she loves to arrange flowers and does so often   the vase is also her favorite color-purple   it is sooo her!    i am really pleased she loves it....o yes, i did finally tell her that i still have a crush on her   she's all ok with it...:-)!


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sunnyside46 said...

there is nothing like a puppy to contain annoyance and sheer goodwill