Friday, July 7, 2006

music 2 my ears

well sorta....last week i thought i jammed my thumb   a week later and it's still hurting like heck   so i trot myself off to the doc only for them to tell me it's tendonitis   feels more than tendonitis to me   anyways, she says to lay off the guitar for a month   Oi!   i'm ready to learn a song on my next lesson and now she tells me to hold off    well i'm goin 2 ice this thing every day for at least a week, maybe two   hopefully i'll be back to the guitar before a month rolls around    the doc says it comes from all the repetitive work at the p.o. sorting mail all day    why does this not surprise me   probably explains my shoulder and arm that's been hurtin since the beginning of my trip back east    asap i'm back at a gym ready to rebuild my agin' body   Oi!

p.s.   we've gotten some rain for quite a few days now,   hopefully they'll open those hiking trails again soon    i'm prayin for it anyways...

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