Monday, July 24, 2006

roller coaster ride

alas, i finally set out to do what i've been desiring, yet didn't have the courage til today    i rode up  the backside of the mountains -almost to the peak    the peak was the destination, but it was foiled by an accident   sum truck had tipped over and dumped a bunch of sumthin on the road   both directions block and i wasn't willing to hang around for a half hour or more so it could clear    i was almost to the top too    being as the road snakes ALL the way up & down   i knew i had a challenge on my hands   this wood be the first on this road with my bike   one must know how to do turns and curves to do this    i was pleased as i was progressing up the mountainside   just as i knew i was goin to make it to the top, the road blockage appeared    after inquiring and decidin to return back down, i saddled the bike and down i came   i thought goin up was adventerous   goin down was even more so   it was like goin down on a roller coaster ride with all the turns you can imagine   fortunately this was only on the top half of the mountain for the descent declined in steepage   it was a lil easier than when i started the descent    but what a blast   i was so proud of myself for finally makin the trek    i will return soon and make this a practice ride for them curves...

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sunnyside46 said...

yay....I felt like I was with you.