Monday, July 17, 2006

too hot!

it's hotter than hell here again, but that's par for the course during our summers   since i haven't been workin in it, i wonder how i survived when i did-tons of fluids is the answer   but i took another bike ride today, short, very short    even the wind or air if you wood blowin in my face was hot   so after a brief stint, i hopped into Starbucks for a Caramel Frappucino   it quickly cooled me down   much needed   then i headed straight home    but before the day got started really, Steph called    it was good to hear from her again   provided she calls within the next couple days, i'll see her    it's been 6months since the last time i saw her    and my emotions have been all over the place today   for after i hung up from her i was all heartbroken for about a minute  (she's an ex of mine)   anyways, i'm hangin in there   my emotions will be back to normal manana   so i'm just chillin in front the tv lettin it entertain me and my emotions    good distraction....hurry up August   it'll start coolin down...

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