Friday, July 14, 2006

pirates!...and more pirates!

i finally saw this movie today!   i've been waiting to see it with a friend, but since she's not talkin to me right now i waited no more   maybe she's bein a pirate   whatever, doesn't matter    the movie was great    yet those endings as such drive me crazy   now ya gotta wait til the next Pirates!   ahoy mates   make it soon!.....Johnny Depp was good as ever   another gorgeous man!    now it's either me just sitting in the back of the theatre, or there wasn't much laughter from others   all i could hear was me laughin   well, guess they missed the humor...until the ship sails again----AHOY!

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fitzzer said...

I cannot wait to see this movie. Loved the first one and am hoping this one is just as good or better. Then again, I still have Johnny Depp to drool over so either way it's all good *wink* Have a wonderful weekend!