Tuesday, July 22, 2008

last nite

   Revenge of Efe-by jevigar

so....tonite was the last nite workin' at the mall   i said my good-byes, but will see them again   no love lost   happy to move on   although it was the boss' attitudes as to why i left, it still don't feel good when one thinks ill of you for no good reason   but alas, i'm out of there   now at a  place i feel welcomed and appreciated   Life is about Change, but sometimes i like a stabilizer   so the new job will be the staple   come september there will be school and maybe another class at church   if i don't take the class at church, i'm gettin' back to my guitar lessons once and for all   thought maybe it'd be better in the fall to start the lessons since spring time i get so antsy with the warm weather coming anew   fall is the time to settle in for the winter   cozy up to a fire and a book   this time i'll cozy up to the guitar if i so choose...but for now the most immediate adventure is back to conditioning for my Grand Canyon hike   the national park sent me a video on how to prepare for the trek   most i knew, but did pick up a few tidbits that will be helpful for our trip   tomorrow i'll begin hiking again   the Cibola National Forest is back open again   it's been closed almost the entire month of july due to fire danger   but with plenty of rain for the past couple weeks, i now can venture on the trails again   i also borrowed a friend's bicycle and i'll begin on it tomorrow to build hopefully my knees as well as my cardio   i'm also intent on losing some weight before November rolls around   i'll shoot for 10lbs and be happy with that   may take awhile longer for the 20lbs i gained over the last 2 1/2 yrs since retiring from the p.o.   i had no idea i kept soooo much weight off while i was walking 10mi a day or more delivering the mail   i can lose that weight again   it may take longer, but i'll get there   once the Grand Canyon trip is over, i'll buy my own mountain bike to stay in shape during the winter months when trails are muddy    ilove to exercise anyways   just been resting my body since retiring...lol   anyways, Life is Good...which reminds me, i have one of those Life is Good t-shirts on the way and it has a jeep on it   anyways, i'm finally ready for more down time again and gettin' into shape   all month i've been working both jobs which has minimized leisure time   the pace has been good, but not sure i can keep it up   besides, my doc wood prefer i only work about 15hrs a week   i'll be back to that after this week   anyways, i'm chillin now   i get tomorrow off    looking forward to the play time like these dogs in the above photo   and soon, i'll be off taking my own photos again   in the meantime, i'm headed over to the church tomorrow to set up the selling of my note kards from my photos   i'm anxious to see how they sell, although i don't expect much until september/october sometime when everyone starts going to church again   right now it's summer time and as usual attendance is low   Change is in the air, and it's all good!   


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ksquester said...

Change is good because it will happen whether we want it or not. It's how we react to it, that counts.  Of course that is sometimes easier said than done!  Anne