Thursday, July 31, 2008

Sugar Plum & me

so, it took MONTHs to figure out, but i finally did it    this photo was taken back in April when i took the church's hike group to Tent Rocks    Marsha, Lil Miss Madison & I brought up the rear   it ended up just being us for the remainder of the hike   my intentions were to hike a lot with Sugar Plum during the summer for my conditioning for the trip   it hasn't happened   Marsha & i haven't even been doing our usual hiking on the weekends   she got a boyfriend and has been busy with him among other things   but anyways, i've been wanting to share this photo since april   my new copier doesn't scan the photos like my old one did   now i ask WHY did i get a new copier?   anyways, i just figured out via my myspace account how to load this onto here and it be big enough to see....i did stop at Best Buy today to check out Adobe Photo Shop for my computer   won't buy it anytime soon, but think i'll give it a try by the end of the year    right now ALL funds go to the Grand    until laterz.....

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sunnyside46 said...

that is a wonderful picture
I love the smile on yourface