Sunday, July 27, 2008

two in the mail


good mornin   it's only 6hrs later than when i went to bed last nite   since beginning the new job, i don't sleep in as much   but it's just as well this morn because i just got a call here from the assistant manager to come work earlier today than scheduled   Oi!!!  my body hasn't adjusted yet to workin' 8hr shifts again and being on my feet all the time too   goodness, i hope this helps shape me for my trip   It's all good....

so anyways, yesterday i got the above photos in the mail   they're Jorje's two youngest kids   Roury (top picture) is 22 months  his sister Rylei is 6 1/2months old    they're soooo cute   i just adopted Jorje's kids (she has 4) as my grandbabies   i know i know   they're really my great nephews and niece but i could use sum grandbabies  besides Jorje is disowning her mother, my sister it seems   Jorje and i have become pretty close these past several months by all our phone calls and online chatting   we communicate at least 3-4times a week   she's my oldest niece and she's finally wising up with the family   i just hope i can guide her through it all, although she handles it pretty damn good herself   i went thru my own "divorcing" of the family,  most of them anyways, a long time ago   now they don't bother me so much and what they do   still like to kick their asses sometimes, but hey  i'm saving my knuckles...anyways, i adopted Jorje as my own daughter   she calls me Mama K  It is good    anyways, i wanted to share the babies pics   i must go see them as soon as possible   i'll try next year sometime although i have my trip to Washington state planned as well    maybe i'll win the lottery by then and can do both   It's all good!


sunnyside46 said...

speaking as an orphan of the heart, you are such a blessing to Jorje. When you dont have that mama love you so need to find it some where
tose babies are darlin

rdautumnsage said...

Jorje is a lucky woman to have you take her under your wing hon. The kids pictures are absolutely adorable. (Hugs)Indigo

jmorancoyle said...

    Those babies are adorable.