Sunday, July 6, 2008

the long or short of it

TELL ME WHAT U THINK!!!   ok these photos were taken today at Marsha's   all photos but of me were taken by me  a few more flowers, Marsha's dog Scooter, and of course my Sugar Plum, Lil Miss what i want to know is do you prefer my short hair as posted in the left hand upper corner on the journal, or my new look=longer hair   yes that's curls you see  i don't have straight hair except when i keep it really really short as i've usually done   i wanted a change in my hair style or something, so i've been growin' my hair which i think i mentioned earlier   frankly i think i like the photo already posted on this journal, but i think that has more to do with being 20lbs or more lighter in weight   o well, the only way to lose that weight again wood probably be go back to walkin' 10+ miles a day at the p.o. or maybe go hikin' 6hrs a day now which i don't have time for   anyways, a change was due   not sure if i like it yet totally   will grow it at least 3more months before deciding whether to keep it or not   i'll know in time whether i'll keep it   most importantly i've got to keep it out of my face   not only for the new job, but my own sanity   can't stand hair in my face!  on a lighter note,  i had a great time winding down at Marsha's this evening  her boyfriend, her daughter & her boyfriend (well Madison's dad) were all there   it's been a very hectic 4days due to the new job & getting trained   hope it gets better   this is real work, not like selling sunglasses at the mall   this place has accountability and responsibilities  something i'm more accustomed to doing   It's all good  i have a few days off from there, but i'm still workin the mall   will resign there real soon   matter of fact i'm headed now to figure exactly when i'll resign=1-3 weeks from now    right now i just need to relax with my music   if i'm not back soon, it's still hectic   take care...laterz!

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rdautumnsage said...

I like it either way. It looks great longer. I'm in the same boat trying to grow out my short, short pixie haircut (1/4 of an inch difference from being a buzz cut). Mine has been growing out since Oct. and is now chin length on the sides, with bangs cascading down into my face (haven't figured out if I should let the bangs keep going or at least trim those). I've had my hair short for the past 3 years so it's a nice change. Not sure how long I'll let it grow due to my hair being thin and board straight. Loved all the pictures. (Hugs)Indigo