Sunday, July 27, 2008

slow and slowest

so, i finally get my friend stephen's bicycle out to ride this morn   was ready for a nice cruise and fresh air   well i learned immediately it has 2 speeds= s.l.o.w. and s..l..o..w..e..s..t    plus the front brakes don't work and the rear brakes barely work    i rode only about 20mins   not much of a workout   my left knee felt better and i did relieve a little bit of stress left over from work   but for the long haul of conditioning, this bike won't work   so i'm off to search my finances for a few extra bucks to buy me my own bicycle    i just might have it IF my sister decides not to come in Labor Day weekend....spoke to  her this morn   she just bought a house (will be closing end of next month)  anyways, if she doesn't make it, i'll have the extra dough 4 the bicycle if i choose to buy at this time    most of my conditioning kneads to be hiking in itself, but a good bicyle wood help immensely in the long run   keep your fingers crossed for me    ....(a note:   my sister wants to come in for my 50th birthday celebration  my birthday is in september...however, my number priority is getting ready for the Grand Canyon trip which will require more money than initially thought-i went window shopping 4 supplies the other day...anyways, i appreciate the thought of her coming in, but i could use the money resources for the trip   her arrival means sightseeing for her, which is good since she's only been here a couple times i think in the 20yrs i've been here's to hopin' she stays home at the moment   unless, again, i win that damn


ksquester said...

Those canyon trips always cost more $ than you think, but worth every penny.  You'll have a great time wether your sister comes or not.  Anne

sunnyside46 said...

I enjoy my bike
I went to a spinning class teh otherday that kinked my butt

jmorancoyle said...

    I'm hoping for the lottery. Think of the equipment you could buy with that.